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We have flown 10 times, in not always optimal conditions (wind/gusts), during our latest flight test campaign dedicated to the fine tuning of the autopilot (MicroPilot) and the FOG system. This pretty intense week was concluded by a fully autonomous flight with a perfect landing, nearly on the central line of the Cambaie Light Aircraft runway. For obvious safety reasons our test pilot having still the possibility of taking over the control of the aircraft.

We are in the process of integrating the FOG (Final Optical Guidance) in our R²-150 aircraft. This requires flying in the virtual net to validate the controls algorithms.

We did some dynamic testing of our net arrestor. Have a look at the recovery of an aircraft at the flying mass and at the intended speed set at 85 km/h.

A new flight test campaign is achieved. We were able to open a bit more the flight envelop and mainly start working on the final guidance FOG (Final Optical Guidance) that we are developing with our french partner BETOMORROW/DRONISOS

The European Parliament had asked its representatives to select “60 success stories” from Europe illustrating projects that have emerged thanks to european funds. These “success stories of Europe” were the subject of an exhibition at the European Parliament in Strasbourg from November 13 to 16. The FLY-R project, funded by ERDF funds, was one of the 25 French companies chosen for this exhibition.

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