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The European Parliament had asked its representatives to select “60 success stories” from Europe illustrating projects that have emerged thanks to european funds. These “success stories of Europe” were the subject of an exhibition at the European Parliament in Strasbourg from November 13 to 16. The FLY-R project, funded by ERDF funds, was one of the 25 French companies chosen for this exhibition.

drone fabrique reunion

A new flight test campaign is over. Despite a capricious weather we were able to achieve 7 test flights over 4 days and so finalize the autopilot integration in autonomous mode, the landing phases being still under the external pilot control. 

We have been able to validate autonomous flight, flight plan change in real time, emergency return command and approach simulation with a “mini” LIDAR to control altitude. This was a remarkable problem free campaign, rare enough to be mentioned.

The conception, design and manufacturing of the launcher for the R2-150 were followed by a flight test campaign with several take-offs and flights for validation/qualification. The launcher, based on the vacuum catapult, gives an acceleration under constant G force allowing for a very short launching distance. This concept is very safe compared to the other methods more commonly used: the energy staying inside the system in the event of a failure (implosion).

The integration of the Autopilot from MicroPilot (www.micropilot.comon the R2-150 was flight tested and validated during our latest Flight Test campaign that took place mid-May. One Engineer from MicroPilot joined us on the island for these tests. Two aircraft were put in flight, with a Trolley launching system. The control loops have been validated and finely tuned in flight. (see video below). Next Flight Test campaign shall allow the validation of the catapult launch in Automatic mode followed by an autonomous navigation.

News April 2017

Since the beginning of the year we have regularly conducted flight tests in order to open the flight envelop and gather the maximum of data for the validation of the autopilot onboard of the R^2-150.

At this occasion two new aircrafts have been built for the next flight test campaign.

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