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R² Concept

The R² concept developed by Aero Composites Innovations is the spinoff of an earlier study/project for a specific military UAV requirement.

The flight qualities and overall performances associated with a substantial mass saving led to the creation of FLY-R company to develop and manufacture UAV airframes aimed at the new civilian and surveillance growing market.

The cooperation between ONERA and FLY-R on this ambitious project has led to a family of unique high-performance UAV platforms.

The project has now reached the point where these cost-efficient aircraft are mature and ready to be industrialized and commercialized.



Aero Composites Innovations offers different aircraft of various sizes. All are optimized to answer the needs for civilian and security missions requiring different payloads (optronic, LiDAR, etc.).

This unique aircraft family design based on the rhomboidal wing is the demonstration of Aero Composites Innovations  knowhow in its aerodynamic design as well as its composite structural design. The R² natural agility, high speed potential, large payload capacity for it size and endurance make it the ideal aircraft to gather data in very difficult weather conditions (wind/turbulences).