Aero Composites Innovations at Le Bourget Paris Air Show 2019

2 July 2019

After 10 very intense days between installing our two aircraft in two different stands (AirCar and System Factory), the full week Air Show and the packing and shipment of our aircraft the week after, we are finally back on Reunion Island.

We are very proud of the opportunity that was offered to us to show our first fully developed system. It would be too long to go through all the highlights and key meetings with some of the biggest name in today’s aeronautical industry.

We had the visit of Senator Olivier CADIC (Member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defense and Armed Forces Vice president of the Business delegation) who spent almost an hour speaking with us about strategy, market potential and exports prospects.


Visit of Senator Olivier CADIC

D. Gardella (ONERA) – O. Cadic (French Senator) – R. Albert – F. Varigas

We have to speak yet again about the agreement we signed with ONERA as the ripple effect started as soon as the official announcement was made. This endorsement is a major stepping stone for our company and we are very grateful for this incredible opportunity.


Agreement between ONERA and Aero Composites Innovations

N. Guéruneau (ONERA) – F. Varigas

We had several meetings with key players in the aerospace industry at the French, European and International level. We were very pleased with the quality and the high technical level of these conversations: we are definitely on the map.